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contrary to what you might think it should be prounounced as (so no fa) this word is actually son of a. It is usually followed by slut, or bitch. or my favorite, prostitute monkey. It is important that you do not prounounce it so no fa, as that is the name of an all girl band. and i don't think "so no fa slut" will sound very threatening in a verbal war.
Sonofa prostitute monkey, that bitch stole my cash!
Plbt is the noise one makes when they stick out their tongue and blow. go ahead try saying it. It's a rough estimate but it works for the quick response to a stupid comment someone may make on AIM. All credit goes to one stunningly beautiful brunette who is addicted to AIM and has no better purpose in life.
aaronthebomb88: I'm better than you.
toastismyhomey: plbt.
The combination of
1) The winter solctice
2) Christmas
3) Kwanza
4) Hanukah
This is better than saying "OH it's christmas time" Because that way you're at least covering 4 religions and not just one. It is so much fun to say, even if you have no idea what it means.
Happy Solochristmakwansika everybody!
brownsville is a brand of guitars. They are very nice guitars, and i like them very much. My guitar Maxi is one of them! They are pretty cheap for their nice tone (mine was 180 and has 5EC) and i highly recomend them.
don't get an ibanez if you can get a brownsville that sounds the same for less!
An mp3 player that is very popular amongst the fad following peoples. They are difficult to use, as they have a touch pad that you must move your finger in a circle on for it to work. this can be helpful, and not helpful. the head phones that come with it are not the most comfortable, and so it never ceases to amaze me how many people where these headphones even though they are not listening to music. my theory is it's just to show they have one. They are pretty expensive for the budgeted teen, but are supposedly worth the money.
I just filled up my ipod with some new music!
Gar is a word that is fun and easy to say when one is frustrated. Contrary to Grr, it actually has a vowel, and sounds rather piraty. Also, it has the advantage of not making you sound like a wild animal when you say it. You simply sound stark raving mad. Which is probably true.
Gar! I forgot my math homework!
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