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when someone crams ice cream up their ass
"Dude, my butt's cold."
"That's because you've been ice crammed... by me."
by Stuffattack May 01, 2010
the most awesome quote ever.
"A penny saved is a penny earned"
"Mathematics, in it's own way, is the poetry of logical ideas"
"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. "
"To be or not to be is the question"
by Stuffattack April 28, 2010
Something that is both rad and boppin'.
"Stuff about stuff"- That quote is so friggin' radop!
by Stuffattack April 28, 2010
A slang word for hot women. enough said
"That woman has a nice rack!"
by Stuffattack May 01, 2010
when someone had a fish bite there face. this leads to fish rabies disease. it causes one of your eyes to fall off(usually the left), you feel the need to kill fish, you eat worms consistently, get a "fish face"(a face that looks like a fish), you grow fins on the back of your neck that continue down to your tail bone, are sexually attracted to amphibians( yes fish have always had a thing for amphibians), grow gills, and after you experience all of that pain you shrink and turn into a fish. A way to avoid such a catastrophe is fishicide, buy it at your local convenience store. Remember if you encounter a friend or family member that has this disease, please don't taunt them. If you taunt them they will kill you. Or rather give you the disease(its as bad as dieing).
"Hey man waz with the fish face?"

"Where's an amphibian?"
"Well there's my pet frog... My god what the hell are you doing to it?!"
by Stuffattack April 29, 2010
a fish that happens to swim by a radioactive site, accompanied by a dog, a cat, and a man. what the outcome of this horrible event is, a dog's head(along with its breath), a fish body(large in size), a cat's tail, and human limbs( usually get scaly). you may see groups that search for the beast such as the FDCMSO(fish,dog,cat,man, searching organization) or the DOPWLWRC(deranged organization of people who like watching radioactive creatures). if you are interested please join one of them.
"Hey look we found it! A fish/dog/cat/man!
"We should report it to the group!"
by Stuffattack April 29, 2010
the opposite of slang. nerdy white kids use it.
"Hello. How are you?"
"I'm quite fine thank you."
"Blah blah.. I think i'm sophisticated."

"Yes i know"
Me: Shut the fuck upz!!1 Stop ur slandgin'
by Stuffattack April 28, 2010

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