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1. That guy you see when you look in the mirror.

2. A form of kickboxing most commonly used by the Japanese sushi chefs.
1. I looked in the mirror the other day and saw that one person.

2. The art of Personing has been perfected and reperfected many times over.
by Stuff It September 05, 2003
n. When people who want to earn an extra buck throw their lameass crap on their front lawn and ask people to buy it for slighty over what they paid it for. These events are usually frequented by old people, soccer moms, and cheapskates.
Garage sales usually smell like old people and antiques. I didn't even know antigues smelled until I went to a garage sale.
by Stuff It August 29, 2003
1. n. Someone who wears a full football uniform and tackles the living shit out of random people at the office. See Terry Tate.
Terry Tate is an office linebacker.
by Stuff It September 09, 2003
1. adj. What pimps or gangstas say about something cool.
That new condom be off that hook, yo!
by Stuff It September 09, 2003
1. THE best file-sharing program this side of Napster. No adware or spyware, and keeps your participation level at a constant 1000.

2. T3H sh1t. Anything awesome or pwnage.
1. I gotta download that Chevelle album! Better start up Kazaa Lite!

2. Woah, that roller coaster sure was Kazaa Lite!
by Stuff It September 05, 2003
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