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When a man puts the sweaty sock he wore all day on his hand and proceeds to masturbate with with sock covered hand.

When performed with another it is called "The Stinky Puppet Show"
Joseph: Last night when I got home from the gym, I was so horny I did The Stinky Puppet!

Charlie: Thats sounds awesome! I gotta try this tonight!
#the stinky puppet #the stranger #funny male #masturbation #the stanky puppet
by studyhallbuddies April 20, 2010
When a girl covers her face to prevent cum from getting in her eyes. (Often used when girl has openly discussed her dislike of facials.)
Mariah: Last night Steve tried to give me a facial!

Claire: Did you protect your eyes with The Masked Weasel?

Mariah: You know I did! I hate it when cum gets in my eyes!
#the masked weasel #the masked weasle #the masked waesel #facial #cumshot
by Studyhallbuddies April 20, 2010
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