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2 definitions by StuckInHell

The principal area code of SoVA and some of Central VA. Not a great area code to live in.
Errbody from da 434 get yo' fuckin fat asses on da dance floor!
by StuckInHell January 26, 2005
67 35
Southern Virginia. Basically, the less nice part of Virginia. Home to high unemployment, teen pregnancy, STD, Bush approval, and stupidity rates. There's really nothing here, except for trailer parks, McDonalds's, and tobacco farms. The worst town in SoVA is Danville, by far.
NoVA Person: "Hello!"
SoVA Person: "Howdy! Who da hell are you!"
NoVA Person: "I am from Northern Virginia, polite sir!"
SoVA Person: "DAMN YANKEE! Get yer Kerry-lovin' ass offa my tobacky field! *spits*"
by StuckInHell January 12, 2005
108 77