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to speak or sing through the back of a fan while it is going.
When I spokle, the sound of my voice is altered by the fan, giving it a shakey sound.
I nearly caught my lips in the fan when I spokled the other day.
Spokling can be quite dangerous without protective cages on the fan.
by Stuart Quarterman April 19, 2006
(adj.) describes something that is better than anything else of its kind leading to a reaction of awe and wonder.
All the judges stood and clapped because of the supervellous routine.
The supervellous movie won all awards on offer.
by Stuart Quarterman September 22, 2009
To compose a comic both writing and drawing
Scott was skartickling his new comic when he was interrupted by a knock at the door. When he went back to skartickle he had totally forgotten the flow of the story.
by Stuart Quarterman January 19, 2009
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