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1 definition by Strizalkouski

Every good athlete has a wife. ( if hes a man)...wife being you. So what athletes rest consists of, in the inner workings of course...is The athlete coming home from a hard days training, competition, or day of watching sports, and thinking about his wife. This is not all however. Athletes rest also consists of Friday night, guarenteed cuddling. Thats why I really started it. Cuz you see...you get very...tight...very......how do i say this....sore? from all the hard work all week long. So then friday comes, and as soon as you have your wife in your arms...all the pain goes away. It's really better than icy hot...read the label if you dont believe me.
Im sore...and I miss the wife. I'm going home for some Athletes Rest .
by Strizalkouski October 08, 2008