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3 definitions by Striker X 22

A man-bird deity of Hindu-Buddhist myth. I'll bet he was ugly.
Oh look Ghan', another guy dressed up in a bird suit tryin' to make everyone think he's Garuda. Man I hate them...
by Striker X 22 June 08, 2004
(1)Griffon = Griffin; a mythical beast with the HEAD and wings ofan EAGLE,and the body and tail of a lion.

(2)a small breed of dog similar to a terrier belonging to a breed with wiry hair and a short muzzle.
Where's your pet griffon? =P
by Striker X 22 June 08, 2004
A flying enemy in the Metroid series. Purple or red in color, hard armor, swoops down at you. It is found in Norfair.
Meh, red Garudas take waaay too long to kill with ice beam.=P
by Striker X 22 June 08, 2004