4 definitions by Strifey

Faggot Dictator who trys to rule Ventrilo but fails.
The filthyphil demanded that everyone stop talking on ventrilo
by Strifey November 01, 2004
A flaming homosexual who doesnt go to school on mondays
NImbalo is a flaming homosexual
by Strifey November 01, 2004
A Racist Homophobe with a voice to make your ear drums bleed.
The Shadowcon screamed in horror as the black gay couple walked by.
by Strifey October 31, 2004
Pimp who owns Nimbalo and Phils moms and deals them out for cash.
Strifey slapped that bitch when she came back with a measely 2 dollars.
by Strifey October 31, 2004

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