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A potentially great people who have a lot of problems that need to be addressed. Quite rightly they feel a great injustice has been done to them in the past, but this tends to negate any ability they might have to look upon themselves self critically…thus perpetuating a cycle of crime and underachievement.
Historically black people have suffered a lot at the hands of others, but for how long can they keep blaming the past for their problems?
by Stratostreak December 07, 2006
An utterly ridiculous form of music made by complete morons…The only themes it can draw on are always of the lowest common denominator… In many ways it’s actually really conservative, bigoted and right wing…Also it can bear some (though not all) responsibility for the continual socio/economic failures of black urban youth in the USA and the UK…
Gangsta rap innit blud
by Stratostreak December 07, 2006
An internet networking site that no one goes on anymore as they've all moved to myspace...
The last time I logged into friendster was about 2 years ago..
by Stratostreak December 19, 2006
In the UK Charlie is slang for cocaine. Dunno about the rest of the world but in the UK it’s a total waste of money as it’s cut up with all kinds of crap so you barely get any kind of high out of it.
Guess what? I’m gonna stop doing Charlie. It’s so overrated.
by Stratostreak December 07, 2006
Dancehall is a form of black music made by a bunch of dumb homophobic racists for consumption by a bunch of dumb homophobic racists. Any club night in the UK that specialises in playing dancehall will normally end in either a stabbing or a shooting where a few innocent bystanders get killed.
I ain’t goin to dem dancehall clubs no more..
by Stratostreak December 08, 2006
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