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1 definition by StraightUpDawg

A bunch of stupid and lame wannabe thugs that make noise and call it rap. These lame idiots are from the soft streets of Woodbridge and act like they're from Detroit but they usually run and hide like high school girls when confronted. There's one member named Stitch (Samuel) who cried like a little bitch when his girlfriend got stolen from him by another faggot wannabe story teller (Gagan - For more on Gagan search up Story Telling Gugz).
Guy A: I just seen six faggots getting robbed in Woodbridge. They were acting all thugged out until ONE nigger ran up on them and robbed them then they started crying like little bitches. ONE FUCKING NIGGER!

Guy B: It must've been those lame ass 88 key gang faggots.
by StraightUpDawg January 17, 2013