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The darkest day in mankind history. Forced to pick the gold that grew from the sacred Mongolian tree, Mongolians rushed to be the first to gather the sweet nectar bars of currency. As ladders did not exist, people were flung via catapults in order to rach the branches. The success rate of hitting the tree and avoiding a plummenting splatty death was .01%. The lucky few who made it on to the trees would be poked to death by the waiting Mongolians' sticks and cell phones. Only man mongonlian participating survived the battle, Sum yung-mahn, received the 75 gold bars the tree possessed, and then proceeded to burn down the tree with a box of matches, perventing others from returning for a second gold growing. Since gold grows on Trees and is not a mineral, it would take rare gold seeds to replenish the source years later. When Sum tried to cash in his effort, he was shcoked to find that Mongolia has just be taken off the gold standard. Now holding useless bars of tree metal, Sum Yung-mahn was a poor broken man. He lated invented Buddism.
The Mongolian Gold Rush of 1845 was such a useless and pointless war.
#war #murder #hot karl #cold karl #warm karl.
by Storytelling Sam January 16, 2006
1) Someone who whores the cock.

2) A woman or man who so lusts for the cock that he or she will do anything to spend time with one.
1). "Eric why are you always cock mongoling?"
"Because my mom told me to!"

2). "Guess what I did yesterday?"
"Probably sniffs some big cocks out of a crowd and had a fun time with them, you stupid cock mongoler"
#penis #slut #douchebag #whore #cunthead #cock mongrel
by Storytelling Sam February 04, 2006
1). The scientific term used to describe fatty desposits in one's lower back. commonly refered to as love handles or clevland steamer

2). The exercize one does to try an decrease the fatty deposits in one's lower back region when the person doesn't know how to say the phrase "Sit Up"
1). Aww man, those chicken parms increased by back fat.

2). -I have to do 3 sets of twenty back fats.
- Your a fucking moron.
#urban dictionary #george w. bush #love handles #cunt head #penis.
by Storytelling Sam January 31, 2006
1). A derogatory terms toward the members of the portuuese race. Literally referencing the similair sounding of Portuguese as well as comparing the people to a slab of meat.

2). A piece of meat from the pig.

3). A woman who has sex with animals in exchange for currency. A flithy woman with no shame.
1). Tell that mothafucking porkchop that he's ugly.

2). That porkchop is eating porkchops.

3). Look at that slutty porkchop eating porkchops with that fat ass porkchop.
#lamb #steak #beer #giant cock #douchebag #hot karla.
by Storytelling Sam February 01, 2006
1). Fucking idiot standing at the border, most likely straching his sack

2). Job that requires under 70 IQ.

3). Bored people who shoot at immigrants trying to cross the border.
1). Look at Eric A. Pennino scratch his ballsack; he must be a Border Patrol Officer.

2). I'm a complete retard, I should join the Border Patrol!

3). 72 innocent men were shot today by the Border Patrol.
#mongolian throwpillow #mongolian mask #hot karla #cool karl #lukewarm karl #border hopper
by Storytelling Sam February 01, 2006
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