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You're having sex at the top of the stairs and you push your partner and ride them down the stairs while continuing to have sex with them.
It's fun.
by StONY January 25, 2004
A vanderpump is a crap or diaria.

Also is lisa vanderpump (from the real housewives) last name.
"I gotta go take a vanderpump"
by stony February 12, 2012
The best of both worlds. You're banging a girl in the pooper while she is making you a sandwich.
Fun stuff.
by StONY January 25, 2004
When eating out a girl, she has her period right in your face.
Dave got a rainbow face from Lauren.
by StONY June 10, 2003
Okay, well when a girl is about to give you dome, you punch out a ll of her teeth. Apparently it makes for a "smoother ride".
Disgusting stuff.
by StONY January 25, 2004
You're banging a girl and you say, "Wow, I guess great sex runs in your family. But I think that you're sister/mother gave better head." Assuming that things go to plan, you're wench gets angry and tries to throw you off. Stay on as long as you can.. that's the fun.
Don't try this with manly women.. they get pissed.
by StONY January 25, 2004
The anal keeps coming. Okay, you jam your dick and both of your thumbs in the girl's ass and go on nailing her. You pull it out, stick your thumbs in her ears, and blow your load in her mouth until it comes out of her nose.
She got jizz on my pants when I gave her the Plumber's Waltz.
by StONY January 25, 2004

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