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A member of a secret society of followers who bleed, sweat, and cry breemetal. Only fellow zombrees can sniff out their own by a secret "hand shake," the zombree punch. Created by a select few of Grand Master Zombrees. One can not join, apply, or become a Zombree without beening dubbed such by a level 10 Zombree Master.
There were only a few Zombrees in the pit, at the Job For A Cowboy show.
by Stoney Shaun December 12, 2007
A synonym for one's mouth.
Wife: I think we should go to the store.

Husband: I think you should shut your two cock garage.
by Stoney Shaun December 13, 2007
The secret hand shake used by the Zombrees to locate a fellow Zombree around in the immediate area. No one knows exactly how to do the Zombree Punch, expect Zombrees. It is a series of dazzling and well choreographed thrusts of one's head, elbow, arm, and legs.
Haggard Kid 1: I wish I knew how to throw a Zombree Punch.

Haggard Kid 2: Easy man, legend has it, if you attempt a Zombree Punch and you are not a Zombree your head and your ass metamorphically switch spots on your body.
by Stoney Shaun December 12, 2007
A genre coined by Zombrees for describing any kind of metal music where the singer uses pig-like squeel sounds as words, like "Breeeeeeee, Bree Bree BReEeeeEEEeE!" The sound bree can only be made when growling in a heavy and low tone using your breesaphogus.
My dad hates when I play Breemetal in the family stationwagon.
by Stoney Shaun December 12, 2007
The collection of Zombrees seen together at a show in the mosh pit. Usually there is a hand full of these elusive and elite beings. If there is 2 or more Zombrees in the pit, the pit is about to get over ran by these supernatural bad asses.
Fashioncore Fag: Let's go to the pit.

Emo Fag: Hell no, that is a pit of Zombrees

Fashioncore Fag: Good point we'd get our lil fag asses kicked.
by Stoney Shaun December 12, 2007
Language used by the secret society of Zombrees. Bree is very similar to the English language but for every word that has an "E" sound in it, it is replaced with the word bree.
Zombree 1: Dude, how old are you?

Zombree 2: I just turned twenty bree on the bree of may

by Stoney Shaun December 12, 2007
A person with pale-like skin color. Usually covered in freckles, have thick glasses, protruding lower lips, and red hair. Gingers have the special abilities to catch damn near every disease, virus, and bacteria known to man. Gingers lack personality and a sense of humor. They are not real people like you and me, unless of course you are a ginger yourself. A ginger's main fear is over exposure to sunlight, dust, and pretty girls. The arch nemesis of a ginger is a Zombree. Besides all of these great and superior characteristics, gingers are sterile and cannot reproduce other gingers (Thank God). An inhaler is a Ginger's best friend. Without the inhaler, a ginger could perish due to over exposure to non-treated oxygen.
See above for common traits of a Ginger and then decide if that person should be hung.
by Stoney Shaun December 13, 2007
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