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friend, someone you travel around with, someone you go ashore with.
Me and my winger would like to buy you ladies a drink.
by Stoney Burke June 05, 2005
adjective; used by Canadian sailors to define a party; beautiful; originated from the term tiddlywork which is a synonim for fancy ropework.
I'll take the tiddly party this time because I took the ugly one in the last port.

She's so tiddly, I'd crawl through six miles of broken glass on my hands and knees just to suck the cock that fucked her.
by Stoney Burke January 28, 2005
term used in Canadian navy to define a female.
I was out with a real tiddly party last night.

The party I was with got hammered and passed out, so I decided to put the moves on her sister.
by Stoney Burke January 28, 2005
phrase used by a Canadian sailor to describe the physical attributes of a party. beautiful, nice figure, nice prominent rack that stands up and juts out at you
Take a look at those two parties, the one on the left is built like a brick shithouse, and her winger's not that bad either. Let's put the moves on them.
by Stoney Burke June 05, 2005

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