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Tits so pert it's impossible not suck her tits or sucker tits. Nipple must be pink and pointy. Shape of said breast must be of a crescent variety
O man. I wanted to sucker tits so bad it hurt my tip.
by Stitchur pistol December 17, 2009
The abbreviated form of the phrase "what are you" used quickly in a text message.
1. Woodru doin?
by Stitchur pistol December 17, 2009
The brown cream that projects from one's anus. It can be very smeary and sometimes quite smelly. Also on occasion will contain nuts and/or corn.
I accidentally saw my wife's butt poop and it had pieces of corn in it.
by Stitchur Pistol September 19, 2010
When a hippy makes that all-too-common switch to consumer around their mid twenties.
hippy 1 : "Man I saw Murphy all coked up and being a snarky prick last night at a sports bar... and wearing pink shorts."

hippy 2 : "Ya, he's been really hippy critical lately. Fuckin pussy I hate him."
by Stitchur Pistol September 18, 2010

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