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A man with over ripe rotting hairy sweating armpits with such a foul oder they can make even a skunk run from the stench
raunchy guy1: hey i got a good case of skunk pits

raunchy guy2: really! gotta let me get a whiff starts sniffing

raunchy guy1: be my guest *lifts arm up

raunchy guy2: *gags at the stench eyes tearing and burries his face deeper

raunchy guy1: sick dude! *enjoys licking
#skunk pits #dirty #hairy #raunchy #raunch #pit licker #stink #ripe #rotten armpit #hairy pit #sweaty pit
by StinkyRottenAss February 16, 2011
extremely raunchy (doggy style) sex between to people who have not bathed in the past week
guy1: me and guy3 did it skunk style 3 days ago we both stank so bad but i still havent showered
guy2: ugh gross i can tell u smell so bad even actual skunks are keeping their distance
guy1:mmmmm yea lets see how nasty i can get till next time we go skunk style
#skunk #skunk style #stink #nasty #shit #doggy style #skunk funk
by stinkyrottenass May 29, 2011
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