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(bag-o-dix) A large bag or satchel that contains strictly the male reproductive organ; the penis. This term is usually used with insult in direct to another for them to put chunks of dicks from the bag in one's mouth for consumption.
they can eat a bag of dicks while riding their mom's bike!
by StinkmasterB October 08, 2010
(moms-bike) Noun- A bicycle that is owned by someone's mom which does not have a seat, but instead a rusty metal pole. To ride the bike would be to insert the rusty metal pole into the ass hole, and to start pedaling. Used as an insult to an opposed person either for fun or with great insult to express total disrespect. Also used to express a person, thing, or group that is not cool, tending to be unoriginal.
FUCK!...this is mom's bike!
by StinkmasterB October 08, 2010
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