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A person who is very skinny and quite nerdy looking, often has unruly hair and large teeth. Sometimes does not wash for weeks.
That bloke Felix is a skinny malinky dinky dink.
by Stinkily malicious September 07, 2004
The most legendary school in the world, which has awesome people and an awesome rugby team. The debating team is also very awesome.
Oh my, I wish I went to that awesome school Glenwood High School. Everyone says it is awesome.
by Stinkily malicious September 07, 2004
That strange man that you find smelling your pants when you come home from work. Is often greek.
As I stepped through the dark portal into my room, I found a pants man sitting there, just sniffing and smelling my pants. He was greek.
by Stinkily malicious September 07, 2004

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