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What happens when two persons (who are married or otherwise partnered to each other) use their mouths to stimulate each other's bodies sexually.

These two persons can be of the same or opposite sex but they are always in an established long-term relationship or married. So they are always older than 35.

The main differences between 'oral sex - no limits' and the other kinds of oral sex is that:

There are no limits to the parts of either body that can be stimulated in this way, which is further enhanced by the fact that ...

There are no time limits, nobody has to leave because they are both at home and beholden to no other person.

Most married persons find that their enjoyment of this increases with passing time. They aren't kids anymore and every time this is practised it just gets better.
For over thirty years I have had a lot of heaven regularly because my wife and I enjoy oral sex - no limits.
by StillSexuallyActive February 04, 2010

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