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When somebody who is completely stuck up and snobby and is no better than anyone in the crowd addresses a group of people and thinks they are better than them. They will make stuck up comments, act like they are a teacher or a superior and try to exert and spew their false sense of superioity onto to other people. the only way to stop a Batister is to throw flaming chili onto their face while sing ode to a green lump of putty i found in my armpit when mid summers morning; The word can be used in past tense such as she Batisted a speech or future tense, such as i know shes going to Batista the speech
Crowd Talking while the Batister is talking
Batister: Ill wait....
Guy #1: What a stuck up rude person
Gut #2 Yeah shes such a Batista
by Still Waiting23232456 October 07, 2009

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