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The scientific study of culture, with the goal of understanding the roots of human and non-human cultural behavior through a study of present and past human cultures, human biology, and the biology and culture of humanity's genetic relatives.

Anthropology is broken up into five main branches: Cultural Anthropology, which studies existing human cultures; Arcaheology, which studies human cultures in the past; Linguistics, which studies the development of human language; Physical (Forensic) Anthropology, which stuides human biology; and Primatology, which studies primates and their cultures, human's closest genetic. relatives .
I was an Anthropology student in college.
by Stibbons April 18, 2005
To render a low bandwith web site inaccessible due to high traffic, caused by a link to the site on a high traffic web site.
Penny Arcade linked to my web space and wanged my site.
by Stibbons April 18, 2005
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