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one who walks in on you pooping in a public restroom
AHHH turd burglar
by stewart January 24, 2003
Staying up and out all night. You bar hop and go and roam the streets till its morning. Either for fun, or cause you can't afford hotel costs.
I will never forget pulling that white night in Amsterdam. I couldn't believe it morning came so soon!
by Stewart March 28, 2005
after doing a vertical 69 with a girl you power-bomb her into the ground, give her the finger with both hands and yell "GOMEZ!"
I gave that bitch a gomez last night.
by Stewart March 12, 2005
(n) a homosexual. syn: "fruit," "queer," "fairy." antonym: "straight faggot."
Say, you sound like a gay faggot!
by stewart June 06, 2004
I tried looking for this fighting-game creation program, but so far the homepage is dead and what's left of the program is hosted on some obscure Spanish hentai/porn] popup sites. I have to assume the program is probably abandonware.
God dammit, Electbyte.com promised a Windows version of M.U.G.E.N. too. Oh well...
by stewart April 27, 2004

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