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no moron, he wasn't trying to link to another word. he was trying to make the word "course" in italics using html. notice: <i>italics</i> uses the < and > while linking to another word uses square brackets. I'm not sure if urban dictionary allows html in the deffinitions though. the guy just used the wrong brackets, lay off.
in html, put /i in <> to end <i>italics</i>
by Stew Pidasso April 29, 2004
dating someone without constantly breaking up and getting back together. Not really used anymore. It's synoymous with "going out".
Tim and Andrea are going steady.
by Stew Pidasso February 17, 2004
a composition of musical notes, rythm, and sometimes vocals(aka singing).
A song named "Bully" is a good song.
by Stew Pidasso February 17, 2004
yo-yo trick. also, the act of rocking a cradle.
Yo, that guy is doing a "rocking the cradle"

He's rocking the cradle to get the baby to sleep
by Stew Pidasso February 17, 2004

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