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a dried up meal named after the ring of dried gravy on a diner plate after being kept warm in an oven
christ ! is that the time ?.looks like i`m in for a brown ringer when i get home.
by stevo September 23, 2003
somebody that has a severe problem between their brain and their limbs...run like a paraplegic...drop things all the time...miss their nose and poke their eye...cant aim...unco-ordinated in a way that everybody sees that something is wrong, but dont know what it is...well its because theyre GUMBY
cant you catch the ball you gumby cunt:
hey that gumby chick tripped over her own feet:
i asked for body art and the gumby shit managed to blind me block my nose and paint my tongue with thinners, get the drift?
by stevo November 28, 2004
Excelite means alot of things
Visit www.excelite.tk to find out

That website is an example of excelite
by Stevo January 04, 2004
SEXY man beast who his very l33t
by Stevo August 04, 2003
a nerve in your ass you use to squezzz with when your taking a bogus shit
jo h n dom (hhi"nnn}
by STEVO December 08, 2004
A short term for a smoky treat. AKA a cig.
"hey... anyone want to go have a mokey
by stevo October 27, 2004
me n kyle's rip off of jackass
kyle n steve are jackbutts
by stevo November 13, 2003

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