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3 definitions by Steveybarebap

A yobbery is the act of having an encounter with a yob. These encounters include;
being in a place of yobs
Any other relation to being a yob

Other relating words include
Being yobbed on, yobbing, to be yobbed on, yobbish, yobbed on

I was walking to the train and I was the victim of a yobbery. They made fun of me, stole my phone, wallet and iPod and made verbally shit on me.

My mates and I will yob on you.

You're turning into a yob

Praise the master Yobby
by SteveyBarebap March 03, 2009
When something is done out of the blue for a girl/boyfriend. This can build up Browney Points. When enough points are achieved a reward is usually given in exchange.
Me: I bought that top for my girl, cost me one of my balls!
Steve: Jeez, you're sure to get a few Browney Points for that!
by Steveybarebap July 13, 2008
Fucking Ugly Ginger
Any ginger that is fucking ugly - FUG
by SteveyBarebap March 03, 2009