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2 definitions by Stevensnider

An NFL Cornerback who is one of the best to ever play the position

Better than Champ Bailey
Steven: "Damn Asante Samuel is so raw"
Amer: "No Reggie Bush is better"
Tarik: "Shut the fuck up..."
Steven: "lol"
by Stevensnider January 07, 2009
14 5
when playing a game of NCAA Football, the quarterback does NOT pitch the ball on the option.
Mike: "Touchdown nigga"
Steven: "Sike"
Mike: "Why?"
Steven: "Nigga gonna Juice your ass"
Mike: "Naw, he won't"
Mike: "Motha fucka Juiced me again!"
Steven: "You got juiced"
by Stevensnider January 15, 2009
7 4