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The Anus. Connected to the poosnip to ensure you have a quick and pain free muck release.
I have to empty my sludge valve, I have a Brown Trout craving the freedom of open water
by Steven and the Twins December 15, 2009
When shit kicks off on Facebook. Usually due to insults or disagreements, or when soemone drops a Status Grenade.

To Cause a Faceplosion
The was an almighty Faceplosion when Eric commented on June's status
E: 'well you weren't complaining last night...'

J: You bastard, I hated every second of it
E: Flabby tits
J: Tiny Cock
and so on for 40 comments.
by Steven and the Twins December 07, 2009
A comment designed to cause unrest on Facebook.

Implied insults or suggestive comment to cause an explosion or Faceplosion.
Best thrown after a lengthy 'chat' status with 2 or more people bickering.
S: Fuck you, you are a shit brother
J: I wish you'd move out
S: I want to move out, you fucker
J: I hate you so much
X: Is this the brother you were telling me you think may be gay, and who still wets the bed..
by Steven and the Twins December 07, 2009
A poo store just behind the sludge valve. Where little Chocolate Hostages sit awaiting their release.
I have a little Chocolate Hostage sat in teh departure lounge, better find a crap trap quick.
by Steven and the Twins December 15, 2009
The teeth that bite off a turd mid-exit. Created by Judith Chalmers in the early 60s to avoid the common problem of the day of people shitting out their intestines.
After crowning, and slowly making it's way through the sludge valve, the poosnip snapped shut and the log fell into the water.
by Steven and the Twins December 15, 2009
A turd of epic proportion which is unlikely to be fully removed with 1 flush.

A multiflush arse log
I went fo ra shit at work today, but someone had left Meatloafs Daughter floating in there.

It was like giving birth to Meatloafs Daughter.
by Steven and the Twins December 14, 2009
The sensation of having an uncomfortable turd sat in the departure lounge.
Phaaarp ! Jesus Christ, I feel like my arse has a trapped badger in it.
by Steven and the Twins December 15, 2009

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