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4 definitions by Steven McCrory

To go down on a girl who has her clit pierced.
I didn't realise Claire had a pirate's ear til I flicked it
by Steven McCrory March 26, 2004
10 2
The act of a lady pleasuring herself
That Claire is always in her room ploughing the beanfield. She just has to ask and I'll get out my pitch fork.
by Steven McCrory March 26, 2004
9 6
A girl so unbelievably repulsive that she gets knocked back from ugly competitions for being 'too professional'. Also know to male clubbers as a "fifteen-pinter"
You should have seen the stank monster I banged last night!! She was so bad i had to use a packet of viagra and my grandad's pump to get it up
by steven mccrory November 11, 2003
6 4
A complete bullshitter, beyond a mere simple boaby or knob
That Frank McKenna's a fucking boaby knob
by Steven McCrory September 17, 2003
5 5