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BSW is large and dangerous crew (gang) found throughout Sydney. It has been targeted by Police in many suburbs such as Lakemba and most western Suburbs with it spreading to areas of Kogarah, Sans Souci and Carlton. Little Media attention has been provided to the gang as to slow the spread of the gang with great effectiveness.

BSW stands for / is the abbreviation of Sydney Wide Bombers.

Bombing is meant in the term of engaging in graffiti.

BSW has been known as a graffiti gang but has been rarely found engaging in graffiti but in other crimes such as:


*Bashing People

*Doing Drugs


*Stabbing and shooting people

*Assaulting people of Authority

BSW originated in the lowest and most dangerous areas of Canberra and quickly spread attaining up to 200 members.

Authorities were surprised to have seen BSW spread to as far as the Shire with up to 7 cases found in the St.George Area.

Taggers often hit-up or graffiti BSW to honor their crew.

BSW is a feared and very well known crew in the Western suburbs but with many going in and out of jail made many members leave BSW and form the Gang/Crew named HR 210.

Members of BSW include to be many Sydney Lads (SCUM), Islanders, and WOGS with rare cases of Aussie membership known.

In many cases long-term mebers of BSW will have many tatoos showing the crew name on their fore-arms,neck or anywhere else on their skin.
Lad One: "I would've dropped that cu*t back there"

Lad Two: "Are you fuck*d that ickdays is in the BSW Crew"

Lad One: "SO...."

Lad Two: "they'd kill you brah"

Lad One: "Alright lets get out of here eshays"

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