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to run away or leave very quickly in any situation.
originated from extensive hours of playing mmorpgs, in Australia.
Alt+F4 = niggabolt
"shit, cops, niggabolt!"
by Steven Chan June 15, 2008
the name given to a person who is an immigrant associated with gang activity.
"look at the dailo over there, what a badj cung!"
by Steven Chan June 15, 2008
short for 'oh bullshit'
comes from nearly saying 'oh bullshit' to an authoritive figure.
"Steven, you will get detention for drawing on the blackboard."
by Steven Chan June 15, 2008
a vehicle, usually more than 13 years old, which is modified to give the impression that it is the latest and greatest in motor vehicle movement, used more as a negative conotation.
89' corolla zooms past, "what a hotbox"
by Steven Chan June 15, 2008
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