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a smelly tramp who drinks a lot and feels tough in a crowd . Will pick a fight if you walk in their air zone and will pick a fight if you dont

female neds get pregnant at 8 and have 30 children by the time they are 12.

male neds will sleep with ugly female neds who probably have a gold ring up their cunt.

Neds wear lots of cheap jewellery made by an immigrant

Neds are unemployed but still manage to survive

I will wipe them out in due course
Am no a ned ya pure bas
by Steven October 28, 2004
A place where the sould of dead nerds go to be eternally tortured.
Go to Massassi.

And the Lord said to those on his left, "I knowest thou not, goest thou to Massassi and suffer for all eternity.
by Steven March 02, 2003
1.) To give someone a hard time.
2.) To annoy someone
1.) I've got fools on the chase and they're giving me baseline!
2.) These people are always giving me the baseline.
by Steven January 14, 2005
one who pretends not to have a significant other while playing the field and promising their "new" conquest(s) the false hope of monogamy and/or love
That shallow bastard Kyle. He has so many babes on the hook now and he's trying to bluff Janet into a relationship that she thinks is gonna last. Christ women are stupid!
by Steven January 09, 2005
derived from the name Cody
I'm going to hang out with Codacious.
by Steven March 31, 2005
any person who moves in on someone else's significant other AFTER they've been schooled in the finer art of sexual experimentation by yourself
That claim jumping bastard Kyle! I taught Jenny everything I knew about wild sexual shit, then he makes a move on her.
by Steven October 26, 2004
Some one who is a knob. Some one who is one fry short of a happy meal.
Andrew is Kiat
by Steven January 20, 2004

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