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1.) To give someone a hard time.
2.) To annoy someone
1.) I've got fools on the chase and they're giving me baseline!
2.) These people are always giving me the baseline.
by Steven January 14, 2005
one who pretends not to have a significant other while playing the field and promising their "new" conquest(s) the false hope of monogamy and/or love
That shallow bastard Kyle. He has so many babes on the hook now and he's trying to bluff Janet into a relationship that she thinks is gonna last. Christ women are stupid!
by Steven January 09, 2005
To take a shortcut. Sometimes refers to doing something more quickly or for a lesser cost, but at a lesser quality.
In order to save time, some workers cut corners and don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

The manager told the cashier, "When selling cigarettes, you cannot cut corners. You must check their ID."
by Steven May 30, 2004
A nicely knitted coat made to keep your willy nice and toasty when it starts to get cold outside.
It's coming up to winter - better get the willy-warmer out.
by Steven November 16, 2003
A place where the sould of dead nerds go to be eternally tortured.
Go to Massassi.

And the Lord said to those on his left, "I knowest thou not, goest thou to Massassi and suffer for all eternity.
by Steven March 02, 2003
derived from the name Cody
I'm going to hang out with Codacious.
by Steven March 31, 2005
Girl (usually of the white trash, hill-billy variety) whos feet have been permanently stained red from years and years of walking barefooted up and down a dirt or red clay road.
When I move back south, I'm gonna git me a red-foot girl and settle down.
by steven September 10, 2003
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