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193 definitions by Steven

What you are doing if you are sitting in a parking lot, usually at a 7-11 waiting for a girl that you havent seen forever to pass by.
We were loitering at 7-11 for no good reason
by Steven April 14, 2005
To give or experience an orgasm quickly, powerfully, or even effectively. May be used by someone who is quite horny and just wants to get off. May also be used by someone who is tired of uneventful sex.
Woman: "Man, I just wanna break off some."
Man: "Aight!"
by Steven April 28, 2004
A sleepy pyshic pokemon.
Drowzee used hypnotise! Drowzee defeated Bulbasaur!
by Steven March 03, 2004
A usually 7 foot tall, hairy ape that lives over much of North America, especially Texas and the Pacific Northwest.
I hear strange howls and screams at night, and also strange skunk or garbage-like smells; I think it may be a sasqautch.
by Steven December 15, 2003
A strange WWE concept where the fans decide the matches.
The fans decided to put Shawn Michaels in the Taboo Tuesday World Title match.
by Steven October 30, 2004
Otherwise known as a tomato
"What would you like to go in the sandwhich?"

"I would like lettuce, cheese, ham, and a love apple"
by steven September 21, 2004
1.) To give someone a hard time.
2.) To annoy someone
1.) I've got fools on the chase and they're giving me baseline!
2.) These people are always giving me the baseline.
by Steven January 14, 2005