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The name given to all those people who seem to dazzle everyone with their expert knowledge on every subject known to man. There is none that can compare to Steve. There isn't a subject on Earth that Steve hasn't mastered. There isn't a question that Steve cannot answer. One who is a remarkably intelligent individual. Steve is not allowed to participate in game shows that requires general knowledge, ie, Jeopardy. Ordinary individuals tend to feel small and insignificant in the presence of a Steve. It's only natural to feel that way because not only are Steves incredibly smart, they are all talented and quite gifted in every aspect of life, including music and fine arts. Steves also have the most incredible physique. When one meets a Steve, they have to wonder if he could possibly be real, because that kind of perfection doesn't exist among ordinary men. Steves make Greek Gods look like fat, short, bald, toothless old men. A Steve will never realize how magnificent he is because they are all very humble and modest and they are not aware of the power they possess.
A person trying to figure out a solution to an extremely difficult problem-"Where is Steve when you need him?"

In a crowded public place when a person collapses while clutching their chest, a bystander calls out, "Is there a Steve in the house, please, we need a Steve immediately!"

One who is trying to impress others by putting on airs may hear-"Who do you think you are? Steve? Not hardly."

Many people wear Superman pajamas to bed. Superman wears Steve pajamas.
by Steve63 February 11, 2010
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