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The erect penis of a red-haired man (ginger person).
Casey railed the shit out of that chick with his flaming fuck hammer.
by Steve-o and Tim November 11, 2008
The act of grabbing the sides of your scrotum and pulling it taught whilst you bounce your penis up and down on it.
My girl likes it when I show her the "little man on the trampoline"
by Steve-o and Tim November 06, 2008
The offspring of an African American and a Japanese person.
Tiger Woods is the only Japanegro in the PGA.
by Steve-o and Tim November 06, 2008
The act of a male shitting on a female's vaginal area, then ejaculating on top of the said turd. The male then may or may not eat the freshly made entree.
I was horny, hungry, and had to take a shit at the same time, so I made myself a pink fresh meat taco. MMMmmmm....
by Steve-o and Tim May 14, 2007
a dessert made from strawberries, whipped cream, and a human penis. variation of strawberry shortcake. ant. strawberry floppy-donkey-dick.
Man, I can't wait to get home and gobble up some strawberry shortcock after my portugese breakfast.
by Steve-o and Tim May 15, 2007
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