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PG version of saying a girl is so hot that you'd eat the corn out of her shit
I'd eat the corn out of Paris Hilton's shit.
by Steve-O October 04, 2004
The man. The eye in the sky. Judgement day.
The internet thinks it's cool not to believe in god, like it's a popular trend.
by Steve-o July 27, 2003
Some t00lbag named Troy in all my classes at Heald.
Eduardo says:

He's just being a Jester
by Steve-O April 20, 2005
when you are absolutely angry at everything, everyone, but mainly angry at men!
"Yo, Alyssa! Stop being a MANGRY bitch!"
by Steve-O September 18, 2003
Refers to the smell of the penis when erect & covered in semen, especially with men who have poor hygiene.
I like the pole and the hole. And right now I’m as moist as a snack cake down there. So why don’t you come up to my crib after school, and I’ll make your pinky all stinky.

-Amy Sedaris
by Steve-O January 24, 2004
short for a peice of ass, denoting sex
dude, would you pull that shit just for a peice?
by Steve-O July 24, 2003
A term used to describe a moment you wish had never happened during sex, foreplay or anything of that nature.
When going at it and asking your girlfriend "Can I lick you arse?" to which she just climbs off - the statement is a "booj" or you have just "boojed"
by Steve-O January 01, 2004

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