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any rat sized, curly-haired dog; usually black in color; that has a severe sickening stinch; usually from puking and then rolling in it, or rubbing it's back in other animal spore and spawn. This odor is impossible to get rid of, regardless of baths, flea dips, or groomings.
Even after it's smim in the pool, you could smell the squeeber over the scented candle in the living room.
by Steve R June 10, 2005
a person who fart alot
dave gant kyhigh
by Steve r November 13, 2003
a old peice of moldy poop
my dad fodes every day
by Steve R November 10, 2003
a gay monkey
look at that nekas
by Steve r November 13, 2003
a schrunchy sack
jeff alvillas have a morex
by Steve r November 10, 2003

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