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The villian of the Capcom arcade game Eco Fighters. Kernal K. Goylock was the president of the Goylock Corporation, and was trying to destroy the Earth with water pollution, air pollution, and dumping of toxic waste. He also had a huge train, a huge ship, a space Rolls Royce, and two space battle ships shaped like him. He was voted the greatest arcade villian by the N.C. Gaming Company in 2006, receiving their golden Egg statuette.
Goylock is causing the plains to turn into the desert! We think he is doing this throough air pollution!
by Steve and Billy May 25, 2006
Of or relating to a scrotum, but in a postive sense.
Man that plantain is looking pretty scrotumbulous. But I mean that in the best way possible.
by Steve and Billy September 07, 2006
The process of pulling the part of the shoelace closest to the toe out as hard as possible, making the laces exceptionally tight. The effects of a shoejew can only be undone by relacing the shoe.
Man, Nick was being a little bitch and kept shoejewing me at the football game.
by Steve and Billy November 06, 2006

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