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Please refer to the definition of FFL for even more clarification.

Female Flesh Lettuce is the extended form of FFL. In short, the labia (or vagina lips) resemble leaves from a head of Romaine lettuce, though in fleshy form.
The ingredients for a flesh salad are...
-A few leaves of fresh female flesh lettuce
-A teaspoon of thousand island dressing
-Vigorous tossing
by Steve Steve Steve Steve June 03, 2006
Female Flesh Lettuce. (primarily used in AIM)

This term is a description of the labia in the vulval region in the female anatomy. Examining the aroused female vulva, you will see the extended and enlarged lips. Further examining their shape, they're found to be bunched and pliable much like lettuce.
OMG LOL, I'm going to desecrate her FFL with my savory thousand island dressing. BRB ROFL LMAO!!
by Steve Steve Steve Steve June 03, 2006

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