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A small, possibly too little to share with you, amount of Cannabis.
Chris couldn't sell me any dope, but he did lend me a blim.
by Steve Clarke September 30, 2003
Late 1970's synonym for Japanese motorcycle tyres, which alledgedly used teflon to reduce road adhesion, in a sinister asiatic plot to kill the brave young men of my generation.
I bought a Suzuki A100, but it was lethal in the wet until I junked the nippy no-grips and fitted some Avons/Dunlops/Continentals ( Almost any brand of tyre would give a palpable improvement over original fitment japanese rubber ).
by Steve Clarke September 30, 2003
A useless person, probably with genetic defects of an undisclosed type.
That Chris Beckett is a right speff.
by Steve Clarke September 30, 2003
A violent expression of negative emotions.
If your girlfriend knew about Jane, she'd go spacko!
by Steve Clarke September 30, 2003
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