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Zeynab is my favorite girl. She has a good sense of humor, and is always calm and relaxed and very organized and can karate chop peeps.
Zeynab is so cool, I wish I was her.

Gay gay gay.
by Sterlhasasmallhead November 14, 2004
this IS fat ass tine and i just want to say you are all wrong... except for the fact that im fat...and i roll instead of run... and i like food...*watch out for the big girl*
Fat Ass Tine is fat... big girls, they take up all the room.
by Sterlhasasmallhead November 18, 2004
A boy named Sterling whose head is very small, so small that he can barely function.
Smallhead, get out of the car!

Smallhead needs to get smacked upside his face.
by Sterlhasasmallhead November 14, 2004
A very fat girl who is my sister, though I am so much hotter than her. She can hardly stand up.
Fat Ass Tine my have come out of the same momma as me, but she looks like she came out of a different hole.
by Sterlhasasmallhead November 14, 2004
When mah grandmother died cause she got shot and we were in the white van and then it turned to a red van and it became a Red Christmas. Then there was no open funeral homes for my grandmother so we ate her on the dinner table and it was a Red Christmas that became a White Christmas.
Give her a Red Christmas, Bitch!
by Sterlhasasmallhead December 17, 2004
When you toilet paper someone's house on Christmas, they get a White Christmas.
I'm gonna give you a White Christmas... baby
by Sterlhasasmallhead December 17, 2004

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