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An ancient Indian tribe closely related to Chief Big Nuts in the mountains of North Carolina. These idians perfected the art of pimpin', sex in the ass, and smacking the shit out of your bitch to make her shut the fuck up. They were true pioneers and should be celebrated once every year on National Smackahoe Day.
"Hey sweetheart, did you know I was part Indian?".... "No, what tribe".... "I'm from the Smackahoe tribe, bitch, now lean down and give me some head."
by Stephen N April 08, 2005
A famous samurai warrior known for killing men, then nailing their wives just before he punted them in the ass. This odd trademark led to hundreds of women being branded in the ass by kik dat hoe's size 12 Jordans.
"Dirty Slut, how did you get that mark across your fat ass?".... "It was a sneak attack by Kik Dat Hoe."
by Stephen N April 08, 2005
Idle Hands: A shitty movie with no funny parts or nudity. The only good part is seeing a young Jessica Alba with basically no clothes on, but she is all over some fag in the movie.
"Have you seen that terrible movie Idle Hands?" ...... "Hell no, only Justin would buy something as shitty as Idle Hands."
by Stephen N April 08, 2005
from the Latin root "shootnutonherface", this term means to blow your load all over a female's face, including eyes, nose, and hopefully in her hair.
"Justin, I gave Jimmie the money shot last night and it gave her an eye infection!" said Bill Hardy.
by Stephen N April 06, 2005
From the latin root shootnutonherface, this phrase means to blow your load all over some bitches face, preferably Jimmie Broschinski
"Justin, I nailed Jimmie last night and I gave her the money shot right in her eye" said Ron Douglas.
by Stephen N April 04, 2005
Of Latin Origin stemming from Rimus Jobus. The act of tonguing someone's asshole.
"Bryan Shaw's mother loves it when I spit in her asshole and give her the rim job"
by Stephen N April 04, 2005

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