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Generally, Japanese words liberally thrown into English speech, generally the doing of anime fans who like to show off what they know about this language.

Not as recent as you think, I may add - Judo masters in the West have been known to do it for generations.

Japanese kids are crazy on Western culture and its language, so don't be too shocked by Western kids doing the same thing.

Obviously since I defend it I've used it a few times myself, but so many people hate it I've learned not to. It's the official language of the Wapanese people.
Awww those bunnies are so kawaii
by Stephan Lewin January 15, 2004
The hardest thing to say about cyber punk is it's definition. To sum up what cyber punk means in reality - it generally covers the computing underworld of hackers, as well as various underground technology such as amateur military technology.

In fiction, cyber punk is considered a sub-genre of sci-fi, especially popular in Japanese animation (anime), although also seen in films such as Blade Runner and The Matrix. Generally, this type of fiction covers the subjects of computing, hacking and general mechanical technology.

It should be noted that cyber punk is not an officially accepted term in computer science, although it has been widely accepted as a laymans term in fiction.
That anime has mecha fights, computers that can access everyones brain, its a cyber punk anime.
by Stephan Lewin January 14, 2004
An anime fan or fan of sci-fi in general who has an obsession with mecha - generally, anything mechanical. Mecha most commonly refers to giant humanoid robots, but can also refer to body-encasing armor and the like.
See Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion or Gasaraki.
by Stephan Lewin January 14, 2004

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