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Jewish people who struggled for life from the time of Abraham, our Patriarch, thru slavery in Egypt, thru slaughter by the Crusaders, Forced conversion by the Spanish Inquisition and extermination by the Nazis and forced into Atheism by the Communists, rejected by both the Christians and the Moslems as being Sub-Human ("lower than Dogs"), who somehow have managed to survive it all. And this is just the minimal list of abuses heaped upon us. We got by trying to stay under the Radar of those who wished to exterminate us. After the distruction of our Holy temple, at the original Diaspora (year 8000BCE, approx) we were scattered all over what is currently known as the Middle East. In the middle ages our communities were split between Northern Europe including Russia, Ashkenazim, (German), & Sephardim, (Spanish) the coastal Mediterranean countries of Europe and Africa.
Sephardic settlers came with the 1st explorers (1492+/-) Many Ashkenazi Jew came in early 1800s. Syrians came after the Suez Canal was opened in the late 1800's. Rejected by Ashkenzic Jews as non- Jews. Called "Turks". We called Italians "I-T's", we called ourselves "SY'S" and the Ashkenazi "J-W's" or "J-Dubs" for short. It stands for Jewish. It was simply to recognize the difference in our language. Immigrants and the first gen. American speak in their Parent's tongue. Unlike the "Jeffersons" of TV fame the wealthy members of our community are to staying in the community to help others "Make it".
Today's children of Amercian born, "Syrian Jews" parents no longer speak the old language of the family. They will still use some of the slang like "SY" or "J-dub" or words like "Hakey" (talk) "G" (girl or girlfriend or female worker - depending on the conversation) "I-gay" (Guy or man) Mostly to communicate their membership in the community. Intermarriage within the greater Jewish world is more common than not as many of the Jewish community schools have a diverse student body and our children grow up as part or the greater Jewish world.
by Stehta December 04, 2010

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