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Originates from the term we all know "Speedy Gonzales" - but is tweaked to the term "Needy Gonzales" and meant to describe those people we work with, are friends with or related to that seem to need more validation than they can ever get. They either over post on facebook, twitter, etc, the stupid boring things they are doing at all times, or, make you feel uncomfortable by how sensitive they are in meaningless everyday conversations. They are a step beyond being just douchey. They are uber needy. Therefore they can be described as "Needy Gonzales". Can be abbreviated to "Needy G".
"Well I try not to post all my vacation photos on facebook, cuz it makes you look like a Needy Gonzales", aka Needy G.

"He would be cool if he wasn't such a Needy Gonzales."
by Steflepp March 05, 2010

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