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The act of being for lack of a better word WORTHLESS to the entertainment industry,or untalented,Undeserving of any attention.Having Never-been in the spot light for various forms of entertainment (e,i Music,Film,Dance,the arts and rightfully so)Does not have the remote chance of getting famous and becoming the coveted status as Has-been.They are so untalented they will never be has-beens.They are Never-beens.
The ugly guy from 98 degree's is a never-been.Whats his name again? Does he exist?.Yeah I didn't think so..he's a Neverbeen.

The Kardashian sisters went from Neverbeens to over night Has-beens.There is hope! You too can be a Neverbeen turned has-been just be a little less worthless and more tenacious/ambitious.Or visa versa.

Most Has-beens should have been Neverbeens,but i guess you can't have one with out the other.To be or not to be THAT is the question.
by Steff the chef August 26, 2008
A man donning the ever popular Bald head,or closely shaven haircut.Named after Limp Biscuits' Fred Durst.
Fred Durst is a Durster..so is David Draimon of Disturbed.Bruce Willis is sometimes a Durster.
by Steff the Chef April 14, 2008

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