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Stefanie: a person (usually a girl) who is caring and kind. the bestest friend ever!! a person who loves her freinds very much. they are super funny and the coolest!!!

im so happy and fortunate to have a friend who is a stefanie! i dont know what i would do with out her!!
these stefanies are one of a kind!!!
my bestest friend is a stefanie..im sooo lucky!!!

i love u hunn!! stefanie!! :)
by Stefella July 21, 2010
a totally weird but fun and loving person with a sense of humor
WARNING: can be stupid and crazy at times!
.....sure is one of a kind
dude that chick ova there is such an ysabella...but i love her to death!!

omg gurll!!! ur a ysabella!!!!
by Stefella July 21, 2010
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