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In Halo 2, the act of burst firing an opponent 4 times in the head with the battle rifle to kill them. An act that only one with above average aim can accomplish.
He came up on me with the rocket launcher but I four shotted him in the face before he got a rocket off.
by Steakshack May 14, 2005
Ususally in MMORPGs, a party arranged by a player or players where items of significant worth are dropped for others to pick up. One of the coolest things that happens in online RPGs.
You go to that drop party last week?
Hell ya! Drop parties pwnz0r!
by Steakshack May 15, 2005
Usu. in Halo 2 on Xbox Live when a player presses the standby button on their modem to give themselves an advantage by making the other players or the other team lag. Often recognized by the omnious blue screen. Stand by has recently been fixed but is still said.
*Red team is sent to the blue screen*
Player 1: OMG! Stand by!!
Player 2: they fixed that mate.
Player 1: oh snap!
by Steakshack May 15, 2005
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