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The Yoshi Hand Can be used to Describe any Horrible Poker Hand That is Commonly played By *Yoshi But is Primarily Named For any Hand consisting of 3,5 suited

*Yoshi is a Rising online poker pro
Hole Cards Dealt to Yoshi
(3s,5s)* Ribbet Ribbet the Illusive Yoshi Hand
Hole Cards Dealt to Villain
Flop Dealt:

Turn Dealt:

River Dealt:

Villain Has Just Been Yoshi'ed
Yoshi's Reply: Fuk Yo Couch
by StarsnBars4x4 May 14, 2007
3p Poker is a Group of elite Online and Live Game Poker Pros, Often Misleading the Public with their tricky verbal lyrics. Although these are all highly skilled Pros they enjoy playing in the lower limits and "Donkin" with the General Public.
3p Poker In Da House...
Lil Chad With The "YEA YEA"

and Of course the "Ribbet"

Thanks Z the Creator Of 3p Poker
by StarsnBars4x4 May 14, 2007
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