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4 definitions by Starsky Bootch

1. Group of related inviduals who seem to own the majority of Spencer Co., Indiana, most notably, Santa Claus.
2. A clan of slave drivers known to employ/enslave local teenagers for entire summers at a time, with a promise of "fun in the sun".
1. Wow, that Koch family sure does use all of the water in our town for their theme park, but I'll be damned if they pay for a new water main!
2. Hey, Logan Sibrel, are you going to work/be enslaved at Holiday World again this summer? I know how much you think you like working for the Koch family!
by Starsky Bootch March 01, 2005
boy who frequently gets upset at accurate commentary on his nature
"Starsky Bootch?! Who would write this? My name is Logan Sibrel! Guuuuuys stop it! That's freakin' scary!"
by Starsky Bootch September 24, 2004
1. The action of rolling head over heels into a fathomless, bottomless pit into eternity.
2. Rolling a burrito into something useful, like a facility.
1. "Wow! Looks like Seth Grundhoefer really rolled deep on that one! I haven't seen him in weeks!"
2. "Holy crap! Logan Sibrel just rolled that burrito deep into a bomb/pencil sharpener. He must have learned it in his roll deep class."
by Starsky Bootch October 21, 2004
New York City's metaphorical landfill.

Well, okay, so it's not that bad. Newark is interesting and it has some lovely looking areas, but there just aren't enough gardens to warrant its being called "The Garden State." I mean, c'mon.
a. I like New Jersey. It's a beautiful state.

b. New Jersey is just the state where all of NYC's trash goes. I hate it.
by Starsky Bootch October 24, 2004